Letøvet danse 2024
Uge: Niveau Count Video Dans Musik
Uge 12 Improver 64 Satin And Lace
Shelly Guichard
I Want To Fall In Love With You All Over Again by
Gebrt Ikuver
Uge 11 High Improver 48 Dark Side Of The Moon
Tina Argyle
Gone Enough by
William Michael Morgan
uge 9 Intermediate 64 Just A Kiss
Robbie McGowan Hickie
Just A Kiss by
Steve Holy
Uge 6 Improver 32 Oh My Johnny
Gary O'Relly & Maggie Gallagher
Oh My Johnny by
Chasing Abbey
Uge 4 Improver 32 Give Me Your Tempo
Nathan Gardiner
Tempo by
Matteo Bocelli
Uge 3 Improver 32 Good With Me
Peter & Anna Jones
Good With Me by
Walker Hayes
Uge 3 Improver 48 Neon Baby
Alexis Strong & Caroline Cooper
Neon Baby by
Annie Bosko
Uge 3 Low Intermediate 32 Missing That Girl
Vikki Morris
Monday Morning Merle by
Cody Johnson
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