Uge: B/I Count Video: Dansens navn: Koreograf: Musik:
 41 I 32   Kill The Spiders Gaye Teather You Need A Man by 
Brad Paisley
 40 B 32   It Feels Like Rock'n Roll    -   Årsdans Maria Maag Feels Like Rock 'n Roll by
 39 IM 32   Ticket To The Blues   -   Årsdans Robbie McGowan Hickie Tell The World by
Eric Hutchinson
 38 B 32   We'll Be Alright    -   Årsdans Susanne Mose Nielsen Were Gonna Be Alright by
Mike Denver
 37 IMP 32   Midnight Mix Sandra Speck Midnight Mix by
Paul Bailey
 36 IMP 32   Baby I Want You Eddie Huffmann Only You by
Anderson East
 35 B 32   Hearts & Flowers Adrian Chrum Hearts And Flowers by
Dave Sheriff
 35    I 32   Mexicali Rose Gloria Johnson Mexico Came Here by
The Bellamy Brothers
 35    IMP 32
Dance For Evermore Baby Sue Marshall Dance For Evermore by
Si Granstoun
 35 B 32   Fall In Love (Gl. Årsdans 2014/2015) Pat Stott Never Gonna Fall In Love by
Tim Redmond ft. Rick Guard
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