Uge: N. Count Video: Dansens navn: Koreograf: Musik:
 12  I  84   Doo Wacka Doo Guyton Mundy & Maria Maag Doo Wacka Doo by
Celtic Thunder & Paul Bryom
 11        Repetition    
 10       Repetition     
 09       Repetition    
 08       Vinterferie    
 07       Repetition    
 06  Imp.  32   Kiss My A** Goodbye Kim Liebsch Title by
Meghan Trainor
 05  Imp.  64   Carters Rock - Årsdans Diana Dawson The Way That You Love Me by
Nathan Carter
 04       Repetition     
 03  Imp. 64   Who Did You Call Darlin' Maria Smith & Kevin Smith Who Did You Call Darlin by
Heather Myles
 35 Imp. 32   I'm Gonna Get You Francien Sittrop I'm Gonne Get You by
Derek Ryan
 35 Imp. 32   Came Out Like A Rose Derek Robinson Like A Rose by
Donna Wylde
 35 Old 32
Mama Loo (Årsdas 2013/14) Maria Maag Mama Loo by
Harry, Chris & Die Ohrwurmer
 36 Imp. 32   Amsterdam Moonlight Dan & Winnie Amsterdam Moon by
The Mavericks
 36 B 32    K-I-S-S - Årsdans Benny Ray K-I-S-S by
Rockabilly Heart
 37 B 32   Fall In Love - Årsdans Pat Stott Never Gonna Falle In Love by
Tim Redmond ft. Rick Guard
 38 B 32   Such A Fool - Årsdans  Niels Poulsen A Fool Such As I by
Jason Donovan
 39       Repetition    
 40 Imp.     The Boat To Liverpool - Årsdans Ross Brown On The Boat To Liverpool by
Nathan Carter
 41 Imp. 32+40   Tchu Tcha Roy Verdonk & 
José Miguel Belloque Vane
Eu Quero Tchu, Eu Quero Tcha by
Flavel & Neto
 42       Efterårsferie    
 43 I  64   Crying Eyes Annie Saerens Cryin' Eyes by
Two Tons of Steel
 44  64  Caballero Ira Weisburd Caballero by
Orchestra Mario Riccardi
 45       Repetition    
 46 Imp.  48 When I Need You Karl-Harry Winson  When I Need You by
Joe McElderry
 47       Repetieion    
 48       Juleafslutning    
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