Danse udlært på Letøvet hold i sæsonen 2006/2007.

Dansens navn Koreograf Musik / kunstner
 Baby Blues  Tina Argyle  Blues About You / Plain Loco
 Before The Devil  Allan G. Brichall  If You're Going Through Hell / Rodney Atkins
 Bosa Nova  Phil Dennington  Blame It On The Bosa Nova / Jane McDonald
 Charisma  Gaye Teather  Can't Get You Out Of My Head / Kylie Minoque
 Chilly Cha Cha  A. T. Kinson  Chilly Cha Cha / Jessica Jay
 Cruisin'  Neil Hale  Me and Maxime / The Dean Brothers
 Cute! Cute! Cute!  Kathy Gurdjian  Brand New Girlfriend / Steve Holy
 Decent Guys From Muskogee  Susanne Mose Nielsen  Okie From Muskogee / The Dean Brothers
 Devils Shadow  Kate Sala  The Devil & Me / Br5-49
 It's Up To You  Kim Ray  It’s Up To You / Barbara Streisand
 Leaving Of Liverpool  Maggie Gallagher  The Leaving Of Liverpool / Sham Rock
 Long Gone  Teresa Lawrence  My Baby no Está Aquí / Garth Brooks
 Love Is In The Air  Roy Verdonk  Love Is In The Air / John Poul Young
 No Angle  Annemarie Davis  You Are No Angle / Marvyn J. Futter
 Rio  Diana Lovery  Patricia / Mestizzo
 Rodeo Hustle  Gloria Johnson  It’s Up To You / Perfect Stranger
 Romance  Pim Humphrey  Just Another Woman In Love / Anne Murray
 Sweet Nothing  Jane Thorpe  Sweet Nothing / The Dean Brothers
 Whole Again  Sue Johnstone  Whole Again / Atomic Kitten
 You Can’t Stop Love  Berit Hansen  You Can’t Stop Love / Tamra Rosanes
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