Uge: B/I Count Video: Dansens navn: Koreograf: Musik:
 12       Repetition    
 11  B/I  64   Forever And Ever Benny Ray Forever And Ever by
Randy Travis
 10       Repetition    
 09       Repetition    
 08       Vinterferie    
 07  B   32   Mama Loo Maria Maag Mama Loo by
Harry, Chris & Die Ohrwurmer
 06  B  32   My Pretty Belinda Vikki Morris Pretty Belinda by
Dr. Victor & The Rasta Rebels
 05  B  32   LIttle Wagon Wheel Gaye Teather Wagon Wheel by
Nathan Carter
 04       Repetition     
 03  B  32   Stealing The Best Rosie Multari Dance Above The Rainbow by
Ronan Hardiman
 35  AB  16   AB - Alright, Already Connie Nielsen Ladys And Gentleman by
Lou Bega
 35  AB  32   Sko og Støvler Unknown Sko og Støvler by
 35  AB  32   Honky Tonk Town Margaret Swift Playin' Every Honky Tonk In Town by
Heather Myles
 36  AB  32   Ah Si! Rita Masur Levantando Las Manos by
El Simbolo
 37  AB  32   Jolly Rogers Go! Ross Brown Wolves Of The Sea by
Pirates Of The Sea
 38  B  32   Take These Chains Michael Barr Take These Chanes From My Heart by
Scooter Lee
 39       Repetition    
 40  AB  24 Somewhere Between (waltz) Martie Papendorf Somewhere Between by
Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner
 41  B  32  Ingen video All About That Bass Diana Bishop All About That Bass by
Megan Trainor
 42       Efterårsferie    
 43  AB  32 It's Gonna Rain Sue Ann Ehmann It's Gonna Rain by
The Coastline Band
 44  B  32 Fall In Love - Årsdagns Pat Stott Never Gonna Fall In Love by
Tim Redmond ft. Rick Guard
 45       Repetition    
 46  B  32 K-I-S-S Benny Ray K-I-S-S by
Rockabilly Heart
 47       Repetition    
 48       Juleafslutning    
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