Uge: N. Count Video: Dansens navn: Koreograf: Musik:
 34 IM   36   Rock Paper Sicssors  Årsdans Maggie Gallagher Rock-Paper-Sicssors by
 34  I   32   Tomorrow Never Comes Karl Gregeen If Tomorrow never comes by
Ronan Keating
 34 IM   64
Zumba Jose Miguel Belloque & Roy Verdonk Zumba by
Este Habana
 35  I   72   Whiskeys Gone  Årsdans Rob Fowler Whiskey's Gone by
Zac Brown
 36  B   64   Anybody Looking For A Fool  Årsdans Susanne Mose Nielsen Is Anybody Looking For A Fool by
Kevin Collins
 37  I   63   Teach Me To Dance Dawn Sherlock TEach Me To Dance by
Greg Holland
 38  I  64   You & Me Robbie McGowan Hickie I Will Die For You  by
Luca Hânni
 40  I 32   Makin´Waves Robbie McGowan Hickie Pontoon by
Little Big Town
 41  I  64   Black Heart Kate Sala Black Heart by
 43         Rep.    
 44  I  64   Let It Play Dee Musk  Music Won't Break Your Heart by
Stan Walker
 45  I  64   Walk Back To Me Peter Metelnick, Alison Biggs & 
Dan Albro
Where You Gonna Go by
Toby Keith
 02  32   His Only Need  Rita Vos  She Is His Only Need by
Wyonna Judd
 03  AD  96   Windy City Waltz Simon Ward, Ria Vos, Darren Bailey I Love You by
Faith Hill
 04  I  64   50 Ways   Patricia Stott 50 Ways To Say Goodbye by
 05       Rep.    
 06       Rep.      
 07       Rep.    
 09  I  64   Back To You  Robbie McGowan Hickie Back In Your Arms Again by
The Mavericks
 10       Rep.    
 11  I 64   Hold Your Horses At Kinson & Tom Mickers Hold Your Horses by
 12  I 48   S.X.E. Rob Fowler Just A Little Bit by
Liberty X
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